Sunday, 16 September 2012

The Doombringer Rises

Greetings mortals, The Euphemism has summoned me from beyond the veil to contribute my own brand of awesomeness to this blog as the fourth member of Eyes of the Snake.

Everyone else seems to have given a bit of their hobby background so here is mine: I have been in the hobby for many years now and was originally introduced to it back in the good old days when The Euphemism and I first crossed blades. I mostly play Fantasy, hence my 40k failures against Grey Knights as seen in some of the July posts. I play Dark Elves, Tomb Kings and Warriors of Chaos in Fantasy, and for 40k I collect Imperial Guard, Sisters of Battle and Dark Eldar. With Dark Vengeance coming out I have decided to do a Dark Angels army which I will feature on this blog alongside some of my many other projects.

Expect my posts to be irregular as I don't have much time in-between feasting on the blood of virgins and conquering the known universe to do much hobby. Hopefully though there should be some sufficiently interesting content coming from me soon.

Doombringer out.

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