Sunday, 2 September 2012

Some of you may have seen the erstwhile Melons post on poundworld junk modified into a voidraven, and you'll have worked out that we are not that keen on spending money (wrong hobby I know). We here at EotS are students, and this entails an involuntary, chronic and near life-threatening lack of money .

Being an ork player, I take pride in being able to loot anything, and will not be outdone by some pointy eared space elf. So, these are my attempt at dakkajets, made from WW2 models with deffkopta rotor blades:


Having played two of them with twinlinked super shootas and a fighter ace in a game the other day I could tell that I wanted more - the ability to fire 18 strength 6 ballistic skill 3 re-rollable shots simply for yelling WAAGGGH is just fantastic. So this first jet is now part of a growing fleet:

Na na nana naa naaaaaa

You try playing all of them at the same time and not humming flight of the valkyries. Can't be done.

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