Friday, 31 August 2012

Greetings and Salutations

Hello, one and all - you may be able to tell that I am not Euphemism or Melons. For this I am thankful. Rather, I'm one of their regular sparring partners, and they have very kindly set me loose on their blog.

To tell you a little more about my involvement in this magnificent hobby of ours - I started playing 40K when I was about seven, and it has since turned into something of an addiction; its easier to list the armies I don't play (loyalist marines and tau, and these only because my little brother collects them), my main army being nigh on 10, 000 points of assorted flavours of chaos. Unfortunately my generalship doesn't quite match my enthusiasm, and most of my gaming ventures end in abject defeat, usually due to massed venom fire YES I AM LOOKING AT YOU MELONS.

Marshy Out (for now)...

P.S. You have actually read a couple of my battles if you follow this blog with any regularity- I was the imperial guard player with the mutated feet so kindly arrowed and labled in an earlier post.

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