Friday, 17 August 2012

Terrain and other large things in your way

Personally, I love to make things. My favorite part of getting new models is seeing all the different positions I can get them into! I love modeling and putting my own little details in with a little bit of green stuff or milliput here and there. I know some people enjoy the painting much more (understandable as paint washes of your fingers MUCH easier than glue! I know from experience) but not me! I've always enjoyed the modeling more. I have plenty of ideas for little scenes and battle scenarios that i really want to make even though most are WAY out of my ability (I need more practice with green stuff and milliput). But anyway instead of creating models I'm going to see if i can make some terrain!

Now, I have made some terrain in the past and it was AMAZING!!! . . . Nahh it was terrible really. Make of cardboard and some pins of some kind. It was crudely cut and terribly arranged. This time I plan on being alot more careful but also start experimenting with different materials and things just lying around the house to see what i can make! So should be fun. I'm planning on buying myself some plasticard and some foam board as a cheap but vast improvement on cardboard. So far I'm planning on using tin cans, ribbed piping, the top parts of bottles, all sorts! I'll tell you if actually create anything worthwhile! If i do I'll post some pictures or something and hope you all like it!

Although as i said before, it most likely wont be painted. I may basecoat it with my chaos black spray paint (yes i still refer to it as chaos black! Stupid new colour names) if i can be bothered. I may even leave it at my friends house like i did some of my other terrain (store bought this time) as he volunteered to paint it for me! Also, that means one less thing to remember when i head down for gaming! I'm always forgetting my dice and tape measure. Whoops!

Anyhow, I shall upload pics when i can if anything successful emerges from all these random thoughts and ideas!

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