Friday, 6 July 2012

What's new pussycat?

This doesn't really need a caption.

10 Interesting 6th ed facts that I have gathered from the book and the internet:
  • Frost axe like a power fist but only +2 S not x2.
  • All Nemesis weapons for Grey Knights are unusual force weapons which seems to mean that Daemon hammers are ap3...bad news if enemy terminators turn up. (note: on reflection of the Grey Knights book the Daemon Hammer entry says 'use the rules for Thunder Hammers', so they are in fact AP2) 
  • Cavalry and MCs have hammer of wrath so Dreadknight and Thunderwolves get extra hits on the assault.
  • (not a change but...) there is a box labeled 'Wobbly Model Syndrome'. I hope this is a reference.
  • The stats for all Temple assassins are in there seperately, despite them being identical, however Grey Knight Interceptors are not present. Hm...
  • Termies (and any 2+ save stuff) look set to be very dangerous in assaults now.
  • Dark Eldar are the unprecedented KINGS of nightfight. Lots of extra defence (3+ cover at dark lance range, immunity further away) and yet when shooting back they just ignore the penalties entirely. And with night fight possibly present every mission for about 2 turns at least this could be very powerful.
  • An interesting point was raised over on 3++, Allies of convenience are treated as enemies, therefore Eldar Runes of Warding and Space Wolf Runic staff count against Allies powers.
  • There is now 'extremely bulky' as a special rule (takes up 5 models in transport capacity). There may be some interesting new miniatures in future books. Fat ones.
  • The Witchblade is Flesh & Armour bane but AP - . So though it wounds enemies on 2+ it doesn't ignore saves.

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