Wednesday, 18 July 2012

First 6th ed game - Deldar and Space Wolves vs Chaos

The only fliers in this game were some swooping demons

Okay i finally got around to playing my first game with the new edition! Huzzah!
It was my Deldar and Euphemisms Space Wolves against alot of Chaos. (2 generals vs 1)
Points wise it ended up at 2250 per side. We had 1000 points of Wolves and 1250 points of Deldar with Eldar allies. We allowed our opponent to use 2 FoC to make it fair on him.

For Chaos I seem to remember it being something along the lines of
Land Raider with termies and Typhus
Another 2 squads of termies (1 of which was deep striking both with Reaper Autocannon. I think that's the correct plural anyway)
3 Rhinos, 2 with Plague Marines(double melta + icon) in and 1 with Khorne zerkers (powerfist champ) in
A 5 man squad of horrors with a changling 
A demon prince (Wings + breath of chaos I do believe)

Space wolves brought:
Rune Priest - Chooser of the Slain, Runic Armour
Long Fang squad (2 lascannons, 2 heavy bolters and a missile launcher)
Swiftclaw Bikers x3 - flamer, multi melta attack bike + Wolf guard (bike, powerfist)
Squad of Blood Claws x9 - meltagun + wolf guard (Mark of the Wulfen)
Grey Hunters x9 - meltagun, Wolf Standard + wolf guard (Powerfist)
2 Lone Wolves - 1) Termie Armour, Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield
                            2) Termie Armour, 2x Wolf Claws

My Deldar with my astounding lack of heavy support! (I REALLY need to buy some Ravagers and/or fliers)
10x Kabalite Warriors w/ Dark Lance
10x Kabalite Warriors w/ Splinter Cannon
- In Raider w/ Night Shields, Splinter Racks (Swapped the Dark Lance to a Disintegrator Cannon too to try out the 3 AP2 shots)
3x Reavers w/ Heat Lance, Cluster Caltrops
3x Trueborn w/ 2x Dark Lance
- In Venom w/ Dual Splinter Cannons, Night Shields
4x Trueborn w/ 2x Shardcarbine, 2x Splinter Cannon
1x Haemonculus w/ Venom Blade, Liquifier Gun
- Shardborn and Haem in Venom w/ Dual Splinter Cannons, Night Shields
5x Wytches w/ 5x Haywire Grenades, Shardnet + Impaler 
- In Venom w/ Dual Splinter Cannons, Night Shields
5x Scourges w/ 2x Dark Lances
Eldar Allies:
Farseer w/ Doom, Singing Spear, Runes of Warding
5x Rangers

In the end it was an objectives game with 4 objectives (2 in each deployment zone) and by the end of turn 5 Deldar and Space Wolves were capturing 3 objectives and Chaos had 1 with their only remaining unit on the board (5 Plague Marines). We also got First Blood and kills the Enemy warlord so all in all it didn't go too well for Chaos.

Some highlights:
-Fateweaver deep stuck in and rolled a 2 when he mishapped so we got to place him where ever we pleased so we put him in a swampy crater thing quite far back in his deployment zone but still in range of our guns. We only put him in the swamp as he has an invun save anyway so the 5+ cover save was pretty useless and on the VERY slim chance he might get his foot stuck in some mud and fall flat on his beak. He did. Opponent got a 1. Then failed his armour. Then failed his rerolled armour. Not a good day to be a Demonic Bird.
-Doom. I love it. So much. His Demon Prince deep struck right next to the Long Fangs capturing the objective (we rolled the Big Guns Never Tire or whatever so heavy support was scoring) then used his breath weapon and hit 4 or 5. Didn't wound once. Ouch. Then my Farseer Doomed him and he was subjected to rather alot of fire from various sources including the rather sturdy Long Fangs who smelled like demon breath. Needless to say it didn't see another turn. Demons (and anything that relies on high toughness to stay alive) absolutely hates splinter fire.
-I was dubious about running just 5 Wytches in a Venom but they actually worked rather well and assaulted the Land Raider turn 1 and got 2 glances and 2 pens (the Land Raider had a 4+ invun from some ruins or other that it was within 6 inch of but it failed all 4) and all 220/250 points of Land Raider got wrecked! So the Wytches definitely got their points back! Although they did then get assaulted by some pretty angry termies and Typhus and went squish. 70 points of Wytches in a 75 point Venom is cheap and cheerful and makes high armor vehicles run away.
-My Haemonculus didn't see much action really but he still made his points back when I moved my Shardboat 6 inches then disembarked him 6 inches which put him nicely within flamer template range of Typhus and co. I rolled a 2 for my ap. 3 Termies melted into puddles. It was a good day. I'm considering making a squad of 10 Wracks just for the 2 liquifier guns as they have a 1 in 3 chance of being able to melt termies with ap 1 or 2 so a squad of 10 Wracks and a Haem means 3 liquifier guns. Mmmmm so much melty acid!

Our opponent was VERY unlucky in his dice rolls but it happens to us all but other than that it was actually a close game as by turn 3 and 4 he was actually winning with 2 objectives captured by the 2 squads of plague marines and 1 objective contested by his Khorne zerkers whereas we only had the smelly Long Fangs holding our backfield objective.

The new Feel No Pain rules didn't really come into effect for me as I was only really in combat with my Wytches who didnt get a Pain Token from killing the Land Raider (the only other close combat I was involved in is when his Khorne zerkers assaulted my Raider which didn't end well for the paper plane) but my opponent had quite a few FnP saves and he passed quite a few from what a saw so im still undecided whether is has been nerfed or not.

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