Sunday, 1 July 2012

Ogres WIP (+some 6th ed stuff)

Just a quick update on my ogres. I've been trying to convert each one somehow to practice green stuff-ing. I'm relatively pleased.

Basic Bulls (or Ogres as they are now called). This unit's going to be called 'The Oddjobbers' as they're going to be ogres with menial jobs.. The Banner bearer is a sailer (with bandana and ship plank standard) and the basic guy is supposed to be a farmer (with straw hat, corn in mouth and braces), he'll hopefully be better when painted.

As for 6th ed rumours most of what I'm hearing sounds fairly promising. I like the new jump pack charge thing (bonus I10 hit) as the image of a unit flying headfirst into the enemy's pretty cool, and also outflank being allowed if one model in a unit has it. Tempted to Saga of the hunter some Thunderwolves now...
Another thing is the sad 'demise' of the Frost Axe. Same price as a power fist, both I1 hits but the Axe is just +2 strength. I hope it is at least reduced in cost because otherwise I can't see any point in it.

Just saying I haven't personally bought the rulebook I'm going off other sources and FAQs at the moment so if I'm at all wrong do point it out.

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