Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The Beginnings

Greetings and salutations fellow blog readers! 
I shall be the second (yet hopefully not the last) contributor to this blog. (insert happy face here)
Seeing as how Mr Euphemism (thats right, his surname actually is 'Euphemism' with 'The' being his first name! . . . imagine him trying to learn how to spell his own name! Poor chap) has done a short introduction for himself, I thought I may as well duplicate this.



*pause for dramatic effect*

Anyhow! Time for a little history:

As with The Euphemism I have been playing WarHammer and WarHammer 40k (I do prefer 40k though) although not as long as him.
I originally started with just buying a few models quite a while back (me and my memory stay at a healthy, and large distance from each other) but I was rather young at this stage and didn't really know what to do with them other than the fact that they looked pretty cool! I got one of my friends interested too so we had a few fun afternoons just slapping whatever paint we had on whatever models we had (ahh, youth!). 

After a few years and a bit of growing (no more maturity however) I discovered that The Euphemism played it and decided to scavenge what models had survived the years out of the loft and started actually putting together a feasible army (the friend I mentioned before didn't rekindle his interest however). Nowadays I play when i can. I'm not particularly good and i could really do with some other models although i never seem to have enough money (what can I say? Cake is just too nice) but despite this i can field enough points and a dangerous enough army to very occasionally win! I do say VERY occasionally though. 
Also on a side note my uncle used to play too! He kept all his models and passed them on to me! My previously mentioned friend who i got interested also gave me all his goodies so i have now have bits of a few different armies.

My Armies:

I'll start with fantasy as i only have one force: 


Not too many and I don't use them much. I do occasionally have a game against Euphemisms High Elves (I use his Skaven force to bolster my own). I got these little critters from my uncle.

Now onto the grim darkness of 40k:

Dark Eldar:

My one true (spikey) love! Also my main army. These were the guys I first started with and may say a bit too much about me but hey! If I'm a little sadistic, so be it!


The only Eldar models are the ones i had donated to me by my uncle along with my Skaven as these we're his 40k army.


Got these models from my friend as he no longer needed them because he had no intention of carrying on this hobby.


I have 5 Chaos termies that were in the box of Eldar my uncle gave me. Not too sure why in all honesty but 5 Chaos termies are 5 Chaos termies! Just means if I ever start Chaos its 5 less i have to buy.

I was thinking about actually starting a new 40k army and until this point it was either going to be Blood Angels or Chaos but now that i have seen that I actually have at least the beginnings of 4 40k armies, it just seems a little unnecessary!

As with The Euphemism, i started gaming during 5th ed and now i have seen some of the changes going into 6th ed it seems my already squishy Deldar (Dark Eldar for the ones who didn't know) are about to become even LESS survivable! From 4+ FNP to 5+ FNP thats 1 in every 2 passing to 1 in every 3 passing. Crud. My dead pile is going to fill up even quicker now. Although you can now take FNP saves against power weapons i think but I'll just have to play a few games with the new rules before i can make any proper decisions.

But that's all for another post.

As I'm looking back over this one post it seems a little lengthy in comparison to The Euphemism's . . . Whoops! I may have got a little carried away there!

Anyhow, I shall post what I can when I can.

Toodles for now!


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