Monday, 9 July 2012

First 6th ed comments

Again, this is going to be a short summary, but this time it's what I noticed from my first game.
I took my Knights at 1500pts. The list is my old 1500pt one, with the GM with grenades downgraded to a Brotherhood Champ and the 7x Strike Squad removed so I could fit in the Thunderbird (apparently fliers are king...)

Brotherhood Champion
5x Paladins (Sword and MCpsycannon, Halberd and MCpsycannon, Sword, Halberd, Hammer
10x SS  (Hammer on Justicar and 2x psycannon)
6x Termies (1x Hammer 5x Halberds and 1x psycannon)
'Thunderbird 1' Stormraven (Multimelta, Hurricane bolters)
Dreadknight (Hpsycannon, Sword)
Dreadnought (Lascannon, Missile Launcher)

Against a foot Dark Eldar (who hadn't played 40k in a couple of years)

  • First a little confession, I missed in the rulebook where it said 'fliers must start in reserve' which led to Thunderbird 1 taking down the enemy Razorwing turn 1 before it did anything. This was very unfair and made the Thunderbird nigh untouchable.
  • That said Fliers are AMAZING! In capitals. Not only are they very effective in...zoom mode *sigh* but it's really fun. The maximum one, 90° turn before movement meant I really had to think about how fast to go to still see what I wanted to shoot. It lead to me flying off the board deliberately to come back on with a better angle, and seriously considering hover mode to swoop round units. It felt like a flier!
  • Terminators (and other 2+ stuff) whilst powerful in assault, aren't indestructible. I lost 2 to one assault from some hellions and only killed 1 in return. You don't need to counter their save with AP2 or 1, but you need to consider how to deal with them, whether it is those kind of weapons or just a bucket of wounds.
  • Warlord traits had no effect on the battle at all. His Archon got something to do with outflanking troops (of which he had none) and though mine got the 12" 'enemies use their worst leadership value' which sounded awesome, it just didn't come in to play.
  • Night fight. Against Dark Eldar. Night fight. "Oh god the shadow elves will slaughter me!" went through my pessimistic brain. Against my foot knights (I mounted nothing on the Thunderbird, I didn't trust it not to die and kill what was in it) it wasn't that much of an effect. It was only in play for turn 1, but with my range being about 24" anyway they were only really getting a...5+ cover I think. Which wasn't too bad. Might not be the game-ender I thought it might be.   
  • The random assault range. Now, the possiblility of making charges over 6" sounds great but remember to consider what happens if they fail. Unlike fantasy I didn't have a stock movement stat to add to my roll, which resulted in my DK charging a wopping 4" and so missing (even with HUGE legs) and so dting to shooting instead of gleefully poundin Wracks and my termies also missing an assault and therefore sitting around twiddling their thumbs. Yes it won't happen all the time but failed charges will occur when you don't want them                              
  • Finally, back to fliers, with defensive weapons being scrapped in favour of the much simpler 'fire X amount of guns' there seems now to be no reason not to take psybolt on the Thunderbird. That puts it to 6/12 (depending on rapid fire) S5 shots, 4 twin linked S7 rending, 1 S8 melta and 4 S4 missiles! Most of the time firing 5 of them (potentially one at a different target). This has to be tried at some point
Well that's what I noticed, I forgot my camera so now battle report. Stand by because I may have another one soon.

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