Friday, 20 July 2012

Shiny Model Syndrome

Right, I'm not too proud to say I am afflicted with 'Shiny model Syndrome' (personal coinage). I'm not ashamed of this (well, maybe I am a little...) but I do have a tendency to get completely distracted from my current projects by something 'shiny'. Be it a new model release for 40k that I could use, or one that I can't, if it looks cool I'm sold. I'm just that fickle.


Now whilst this leads to a lot of...pricy situations  I'm hoping it'll also work in my favour. If I hadn't loved the old Grey Knights enough I would likely never have started 40k. Small world and all. So:

Is shiny model syndrome a problem?

Well, I think the easy answer is yes. Financially it can be. It can lead to lots of half baked ideas, scraps of miniatures left, right, centre, behind, in etc etc. It's hard to settle on something and get an army fully running before you get distracted (yeah, maybe this is hyperbole, but you may be surprised). Yet, this can come down to a matter of perspective. It might not just be a mess, but a 'tribute' to your favourite miniatures. I have a Crom the Conqueror miniature in the other room, sitting there, all alone and despite me having no intention of finding any more Chaos to keep him company he's a nice enough sculpt for me to be happy with leaving there.
'Go forth, and find me a Sandwich'

What should I do about it?

Embrace it! Yeah, well, however nice a sentiment that may be it's not always a great idea. Personally, I employ a 2 week rule. This means if I see something that I 'have' to have. I leave it for at least 2 weeks. If I'm still as interested then then I consider getting it. Often just leaving things long enough for me to realise that I don't need it, and wouldn't gain anything from it. That's my solution, I'm sure that there's other methods or views and I would be open to them.
Can it work to my advantage?

Well, I hope it does. As I said before it can lead to new things, like my Grey Knights. I guess I may have a more definitive answer in the future as recently I've been looking a lot into Infinity.

Wolf Commandos go!
What can I say, the miniatures are gorgeous! It's a small skirmish game, it's interactive for both players in both turns. It has giant wolf men in it! Could this be the game I wasn't even looking for? Need to find people to play against (and start with) and some way of getting the huge amount of terrain needed but I'm thinking it may be worth the shot. What do you think interwebs?

 Of course, 2 week rule.

2 week rule.

Darn 2 week rule!

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