Saturday, 2 July 2016

Disappearing and returning to the hobby

As some of you might have noticed I sort of dropped off the face of the earth some time in September last year. The past year for me has been incredibly busy for various reasons and without warning my hobby was put onto the back-burner. In between commitments I did manage to paint a few things but nothing substantial and unfortunately blogging fell off of my radar altogether. I think this is something that we all do from time to time when life overtakes us and I would like to apologise that in this instance I disappeared without warning. 

My academic year however is now over and with some free time I have been able to get some serious painting done and decided it was high time I address the blog. Firstly I have reorganised some aspects of the blog in order to make newer and more interesting content more easily available while clearing out some of the digital cobwebs that had built up. 

Currently I am working on re-painting my Chaos army (a project I wanted to finish before Christmas but never got round to) and some random stuff for Frostgrave which my brother and I have really gotten into this past year. You can expect to see this, alongside a few random Kingdom Death miniatures to appear in the next few months.

WIP Twilight Knight (Reverse Pin-up)
Also this summer I am planning to do a serious re-evalutaion of what I own and will most likely be selling off some of my armies and miniatures which I don't use anymore and are just languishing in boxes gathering dust. Those models I choose to keep will receive special treatment in order to be displayed. As I don't battle very often I have decided I might as well get a glass cabinet and put what I do have on show.

As for future projects I am in fact planning on taking the plunge into Age of Sigmar. I have decided that my time for mourning the Old World is over and I can hardly resist the new miniatures and the appeal of delving into a new universe to explore. More on this to come in the Autumn when I start work on the Court of the Silver Lion and the Church of Nagash. No doubt I will soon write an editorial about my thoughts on Age of Sigmar as a follow-up to the editorial I wrote last year: Thoughts on Age of Sigmar: rage, optimism and the uncertain future...

Lord Quasdomo the Twice-Cursed
Already I have started work on this mighty Chaos Lord who will be visiting the Court of the Silver Lion as a foreign dignitary. I had an awful lot of fun converting the Forge World Praetor Tribune, which I picked up on a total whim having gone to my local GW for some paints, and I look forward to using him in the future.

I also plan on posting some more of my other art to the blog including canvas and watercolour pieces. Currently I am working on this acrylic painting which was inspired by the season finale of Game of Thrones. On this note I will leave you and I look forward to posting some more content on here in the next few weeks.

Doombringer out.

WIP: The Mad Queen

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