Monday, 14 September 2015

An army of the End Times: The House of Shattered Tears Part 3

Here is the final part of my End Times army project, soon to be followed by a post showing a few army shots.

House of Shattered Tears: Part 1, Part 2

The Salt-Blood Reavers
The Salt-Blood Reavers crewed the ship that brought Dazmir to the Tower of Infinite Woe. These corsairs are captained by Dresla Salt-Blood, a cruel maiden of the seas who belongs to a lesser corsair house pledged to House Victarian. Taking a lover from amongst the high elf house-guard, a grim elf named Althrithar, Dresla marches with the House of Shattered Tears hoping to earn the patronage of Dazmir - the Hand of Doom.

The Blades of the Tower
The Blades of the Tower are an old order sworn to the House of Shattered Tears. Many a soldier or servant of the Tower go mad from the strange magics that surround the Seers, those thus afflicted come to wear ceremonial torture helmets that keep the unfortunate elf lucid enough for mind control. Most continue to descend into further insanity; the helms rendering them little more than automatons. Some however ascend to a new level of consciousness as they are able to gain some understanding of the visions of the Seer. These elves are deemed stable yet expendable enough to wield cursed swords; becoming powerful shock troops with no sanity to hold them in check. The Blades have long been considered an abomination by the other great houses of Caledor and for the past few thousand years mad elves that would usually qualify have instead been ritually executed to end their suffering. With the arrival of Dazmir and the House of Shattered Tear's alliance with Doombringer however, Prince Astalaton has reformed the order to serve in the bodyguard of the Hand of Doom; directed into battle by three of Dazmir's personal retainers.

Tyrek Tallhelm the Scarred was a childhood friend of Prince Astalaton, his sworn-sword and loyal companion in many a campaign. Carrying the ancient banner of the Tower of Infinite Woe he has proudly served the Prince for hundreds of years. The mind-bending magics of the Seers have taken their toll on him though and in recent years Astalaton has watched his friend fall to insanity, eventually placing the ceremonial torture helm on Tyrek himself. Rumours abound that it was this event that caused the rift between the Prince and his seer sister, Tyrek Tallhelm now little more than a screaming automata who continues to carry the standard of the Tower into battle completely heedless and unaware of any danger around him.

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