Monday, 18 July 2016

The Inexorable Engine - Chaos in the Old Wolrd

Tzeentch will have his due...
I have had a long and troubled relationship with the forces of Chaos. This was never an army I really planned on having; most of it being a gift from a friend. Rather than selling it over the years I have done various things with it and previously the army looked like this: Part 1 and Part 2. However this year I decided that in tribute to the Old World I would paint this army up and finish it properly for display.

I decided to give it a major re-theme, re-paint and added a few new things like Chaos Dwarves while cutting any filler and rubbish. After being busy with uni for a year I settled down for a month of intensive painting and finally got this army where it is now.

This army is roughly 3000 points not including the Daemon Prince and is composed of 1500 points of Chaos Dwarfs and 1500 points of Warriors of Chaos. I'm not going to write any fluff to accompany it as that is all the same from the army under it's previous paint job. I hope you enjoy this gallery of images. 

1500 Points of Warriors of Chaos
Ezkiel the Host of Koreal and his champions

Chaos Siege Giant

1500 Points of Chaos Dwarfs

K'daai Destroyer

The Radic - Prince of Tears

This army has been really fun to paint and convert. I seriously doubt it will ever see the tabletop but at the end of the day this was only ever going to be an army for display. It has been a real joy to assemble this army of Chaos into a form I am happy with and I believe it a fitting tribute to the grim madness of the Old World. Now I move into new realms where the Age of Sigmar awaits me...

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  1. Looking for some excitement and thrill? Get ready to create chaos with your army of soldiers. Recommended for kids. Thanks for such a great share. Hoping to see more soon!


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