Tuesday, 26 July 2016

How to: Frostgrave bases

In an effort to add more tutorials to this blog I have decided to share my method of basing my Frostgrave miniatures. I wanted to create something that was fairly unique and also really emphasised the coldness of the city which I chose to evoke by the use of cool blues. I have seen lots of different ways of doing snow-basing and I wanted to develop a quick method for batch painting which relied on paints alone without the need to use various basing materials.

Agrellan Earth
1. A liberal amount of Agrellan Earth is applied (Martian Ironearth works fine as well) to the base and is left to dry fully until cracked. The thicker you put this on the more dramatic the effect will be. If you want to speed up the process you can hold the base under a hair dryer for a minute or so but I prefer to let mine dry naturally.

Blue Horror
2. Then the base is covered in Blue Horror and allowed to dry.

Nihilakh Oxide
3. Then the base is given a liberal wash of Nihilakh Oxide.

Blue Horror 
Ulthuan Grey
Ceramite White
Baharroth Blue
4-7. Once the Nihilakh Oxide is dry, dry-brush is succession: Blue Horror, Ulthuan Grey and Ceramite White, getting more gentle and sparing as you move from colour to colour. To provide a neat finish the rim of the base is then uniformly covered in a layer of Baharroth Blue.

Finishing Touches
8. Your base now resembled a snowy sheet of ice and on a base such as this where there aren't any ruins or extras to break up the whiteness I like to add some tufts of Mordheim Turf. Once this has been put on I will add blood effects (something that contrasts really well with the snow).

And with that the base is done. While this process can be a little time consuming as you wait for the Agrellan Earth and the Nihilakh Oxide to dry; it is really easy to do and creates an effective uniformed look across a collection.

For more posts about Frostgrave visit the Frostgrave Page of the blog where I will be posting plenty of content over the next few months.

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  1. You are quite successful in creating a unique and decent artwork. The colors are cool too. Thanks for sharing the detailed method. Looking forward to more of your work.


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