Friday, 2 August 2013

Army Showcase - Part 6 - Coven of the Ebon Hand

The Coven of the Ebon Hand is the Haemonculi Coven sponsored by the Kabal of the Immortal Sin. Based out of a huge gravity-defying underground facility known as The Pit; they provide the Kabal with all manner of services and often accompany them on realspace raids. Rumoured to be as old as the Dark City itself, they are a small but incredibly influential coven with access to secrets long forgotten by much of the galaxy. 

Haemonculi Aringrax leads the forces of the Coven of the Ebon Hand in realspace raids. Most of his fellow haemonculi are far too decrepit to move beyond the confines of The Pit leaving the relatively young Aringrax in command of all external coven operations. As my main Haemonculi he finds his way into just about every dark eldar list I write, appearing with a variety of equipment though often performing very limited battlefield roles. 

This is my Haemoncui Apprentice carrying a webway portal. He runs around with a few wracks protecting him; ready to allow the rest of my army to come onto the board. Cheap and cheerful he costs very few points and I think his model looks really characterful.

Arch-Custodian Sylex Depravum is the mastermind who coordinates the day-to-day operations of the Depravum family. Almost killed by an assassins blade, he was rushed to The Pit where the haemonculi began to regenerate him; unfortunately the assassin used a poisoned blade that slowed the regeneration process. Still needing to carry out his duties to his family, the haemonculi constructed a special rig to carry Sylex around and pump him full of chemicals whilst his body slowly regrew itself. In game I use him and his two bodyguards as a grotesque unit.

Eclipse is a sinister figure from ancient eldar history long forgotten to time. A warsmith active during the War in Heaven, he was presumed dead when the necrons overran the planet he was stationed on. He was in fact captured and taken to Mandragora to face the Triarchs. What happened to him for the next few thousand years is not known but he resurfaced in the Dark City as a master Haemonculi not long after the fall and set up his own coven.

Since then he has sat in The Pit experimenting with dark sciences not seen since before the time of the Old Ones. His motives are a mystery and he rarely speaks to any outside the Coven. Considered nothing more than an urban myth even by those who have heard only whispers of him; Eclipse waits and watches, his ancient mind a mystery. 

With my Dark Eldar mostly finished I can focus my attention on my slowest project: Warriors of Chaos. I have been working on these on and off for the past three or four years, perhaps even longer. I have finally begun to make some headway in the past few months and thought that I would show you a quick teaser pic of my current wip box. Expect to be seeing more of these in the last few months of the year. 

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