Thursday, 8 August 2013

Army Showcase - Part 7 - Isengard

Like my Eastern Kingdoms army this is painted with a limited colour palette to create a cohesive looking force on the table top. Using various models I had collected over the years I managed to make what I like to think of as an Isengard scouting force or raiding party. Composed of Uruk Scouts, Dunlendings and Orcs this is a more lightly armoured force made to represent one of the bands sent to burn the west fold. It also includes two trolls for no other reason than I had them sat doing nothing in a draw and they fit the over all look of the army. 

I decided to buy the mounted version of Saruman as I felt he had quite a lordly presence; as if simply surveying the devastation his army creates whilst arrogantly looking down upon the race of men. His white robes and elevated position instantly makes him stand apart from his dark and filthy minions.

As well as the Uruk-Hai I wanted to add some of the other elements that make up the armies of the white hand. As a raiding force I decided to add some Dunlending warriors for a little variety.

I also added some Isengard orcs, opting to use the Morannon orc models as they appear more uniformed than regular orcs which I felt fit better with the Isengard aesthetics. I was going to add some archers to this unit but was unable to get hold of any models with bows at short notice. I therefore decided to make it tar pit unit, at maximum size it will form the centre of my battle-line and hopefully distract some fire away from my more able Uruk-Hai.

Sorry for the blurry pictures, my hands didn't seem quite as steady as usual when I took the pictures. If this army ever gets expanded I will add some warg riders to accompany Saruman but I don't think I shall unless my brother or The Euphemism picks up a LOTR or Hobbit force. I now have only my Harad and Umbar army to finish then all my Middle-Earth stuff will be completed, though I would like to get the Azog model as I think he will be interesting to paint.

I have now unfortunately run out of black wash; as you have probably noticed most of my work uses at least some of this amazing staple, without it I cannot do much painting at all. I ordered some more from Games Workshop last week but for various reasons it may not be until next week that I get it. This means that I may go an entire week of my holidays without painting unless I can get into town to buy some. This may reduce the amount of painted models you see on the blog from me for a month or two while I try and catch up on my schedule. We shall have to see.

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