Saturday, 31 August 2013

The Blackwing Part 15 - Ravenwing

Just returned from my holidays where I have done massive amounts of painting: all my Lord of the Rings stuff is done, all my 40k stuff is done and I have almost finished my fantasy armies. I have consumed seemingly hundreds of paint pots after discovering a shop only six miles away sold them, my black wash problems now over I have lots of things to post on the blog over the next few months.

The Ravenwing from Dark Vengeance are really nice models though I am personally not that fond of biker units. I added some red to their helmets and shoulder pads to make them distinct from the rest of the Blackwing, due to much of the army being black I couldn't use that colour to make the Ravenwing distinct and a dark red seemed the best option.

I also finished a squad of Assault marines made from some classic models with green stuff robes and newer limbs where pieces were missing. For the sergeant I used a sanguinary guard jump pack as it was the only one I had spare which does make him stand out somewhat, painting him however I have come to prefer that style of jump pack and would change the others in the squad if I had any more.

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