Saturday, 30 March 2013

The Hobbit - Thorin and Bilbo

Thorin and Bilbo were both very fun to paint, the former had a limited palette with an emphasis on cool colours whereas the hobbit was painted warmly in contrasting colours. This makes the two characters distinct from one another and both paint schemes are totally unique from the other miniatures. With Thorin's Company and the Wizards painted I now had a horde of Goblins to paint which took what felt like an age. 

Thorin Oakenshield

Bilbo Baggins

Thror arrived in the post today and I spent some time working on him this afternoon as well as repainting some of my Eastern Kingdoms stuff which I hope to put on the blog later this year. Thrain went up for pre-order today and I think I shall have to get him when he is released. Also up for pre-order is the new Tau Empire stuff which is very cool. When I first started 40k the three armies I couldn't decide between were Witch Hunters, Tau and Necrons. I decided against Necrons as I felt they had no character and chose Witch Hunters over Tau as I liked the Sisters of Battle models. Many years later both Necrons and Tau are extremely attractive whilst there seems to be no hope of update for my Battle Sisters. Perhaps after I finish my Blackwing I will pick up Tau depending on how much money I have left after buying all this Hobbit stuff...and new Dark Angel stuff....and stuff for my new projects...

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