Monday, 11 March 2013

The Hobbit - Bifur, Bofur and Bombur

Bombur was the first dwarf I painted so varies slightly from his kin by having a far cleaner look about him. Bofur and Bifur I painted at the same time as they had similar colour schemes. When I saw the designs for Bofur and Bombur I readily accepted them, Bifur however concerned me when I saw part of an axe lodged in his head. It wasn't too distracting during the movie though it did seem a little odd and perhaps unnecessary in my opinion. Anyway the models, like the others in the starter set, are all well detailed and movie accurate being an absolute pleasure to paint.


I tried out a new method of photographing my miniatures which I think has turned out quite well though the background does look odd. All the Hobbit stuff I have done recently has been done like this and I think I will continue to use this method until I devise a better one or buy a better camera.

I quite enjoyed painting these three, yellow is not a colour I paint very often so Bofur and Bifur gave me chance to try a 'dirty' yellow scheme. I used some of the old citadel foundation paints and shaded with the new black, brown and yellow washes. I am overall happy with this group though I may go back and make Bombur look a bit grubbier to match the rest of my dwarves.

The other week GW released Thror - Last King Under the Mountain which I think is one of the best models released recently. I am seriously considering getting him, some Grim Hammers and some Warriors of Dale for a small army though that may have to wait until after some of my other projects are finished. 

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