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Battle rep: Wolfwing vs The Hitty Squad (Deldar)

 The second battle rep between two (slightly) themed armies! We are trying to get a battle in per week so there MAY be a battle rep each week if we have the time/can be bothered. Anyway, onwards to the battle rep!

My list - a completely footslogging melee based list . . . with Drazhar!:

Deldar list 'The Hitty Squad':
Drazhar - 230
Succubus w/Venom Blade, Shardnet and Impaler - 75

10x Wytches w/Shardnet and Impaler - 120
10x Wytches w/Shardnet and Impaler - 120
10x Wytches w/Shardnet and Impaler - 120

10x Incubi w/Klaivex w/Demiklaives, Murderous Assault - 265
9x Incubi w/Klaivex w/Demiklaives, Murderous Assault - 243
9x Incubi w/Klaivex w/Demiklaives, Murderous Assault - 243

Fast Attack:
3x Beastmasters w/ 5x Khymera, 4x Razorwings - 156
3x Beastmasters w/ 5x Khymera, 4x Razorwings - 156
5x Beastmasters w/ 10x Khymera, 6x Razorwings - 270

1998 points

The Euphemism's Wolfwing list was:

Canis Wolfborn - 1 FenWolf
Wolf Lord - Thunderwolf mount, Thunder hammer, Storm Shield, Runic armour, Saga of the bear, 1 Fenwolf


15 FenWolves
15 FenWolves
15 FenWolves
15 FenWolves

Fast Attack

4 Thunderwolf Cavalry - 4 Storm Shields, 1 Thunderhammer
4 Thunderwolf Cavalry - 4 Storm Shields, 1 Thunderhammer
4 Thunderwolf Cavalry - 4 Storm Shields, 1 Thunderhammer, 1 melta bomb

Mission: 5 - Emperors Will (One objective each)
Deployment: 1 - Dawn of war
Drazhar warlord. Rolled on strategic table and got a 6 (Princeps of Deceit).
Wolf Lord warlord. Rolled on personal table and got 3 (Master of Manoeuvre).
Deployment rolls:
Wolfwing - 5
Deldar - 2
Wolfwing are first up!


We decided to do random objectives and came up with this:
Wolfies objective - Roll of a 6 so thats a Grav Wave Generator (slightly useful if he could actually capture objectives)
Deldar objective - Roll of a 3 which means a Skyfire Nexus (completely useless)
Night fight is on a roll of a 6.
Deldar try to seize . . . and get a 1. Nice job boys.

Wolves Turn 1:

Mostly forward movement trying to stay out of Deldar assault range and shuffling up to get in the best positions.

Deldar Turn 1:

Shooting from Beastmasters sees 4 wolves from the blue squad die and 5 from the orange squad die. The orange wolves fail their leadership and run off the board with a 14" on 3d6 (we thought it was only 2d6 but we spotted this mistake after we took the picture. Oops!) ! Deldar claim first blood and give the beastmasters a pain token.
Green Beastmasters charge the blue wolves and wipe out the squad giving another pain token. Blue Incubi with Drazhar and the Succubus try to assault the pink wolves and just fail even with fleet.
First turn sees Deldar winning 4vp to 0 (objective and first blood).

Wolves Turn 2:

The pink wolves move back towards the Wolfies objective. Green Fen wolves and the red Thunderwolves move around the buildings to counter the threat from the large squad of beasts. The white and yellow thunderwolves shuffle up to get in better grenade range.
Grenades from the white thunderwolf unit and from the wolf lord into the green beastmaster squad see 1 razorwing flock and a khymera dead with one wound on another razorwing flock. Red thunderwolves attempt to throw a grenade at bright green beast unit and due to it being a very windy day, it lands on a Fen wolf but fails to wound.
White and yellow thunderwolf units charge the green beast unit. Bright green fen wolves and red thunderwolves both charge the large bright green beast squad. All unit successfully charge into combat.
Overwatch did nothing at all to the thunderwolves. Hammer of Wrath from the thunderwolves kills a Khymera. The beasts kill 5 fen wolves and put a wound onto a thunderwolf. The wolves kill 8 khymera and 2 razorwing flocks in return and the beast fail their leadership (needed snake eyes) and run 13" and almost off the board!
Middle combat. 5 Hammer of Wrath attacks of which 4 wound but thanks to 4+ invuns on my khymera, only one dies. My beastmasters call 2 challenges to tie up his two HQ's and both are accepted.
The beasts manage to take down a thunderwolf from the white squad with rending but get vaporised into a red mist in return. The wolf lord and canis units consolidate 3 and 5 inches respectively.

Deldar Turn 2:

General movement forward. The now diminished bright green beast squad rallied and turn back to the fight. The Succubus leaves the blue incubi squad and joins the dark green incubi squad. Wytches stayed put on the backfield objective.
Shooting from the rallied beast squad does 2 wounds to the red thunderwolf squad and therefore succeeds in killing one! The light blue beast squad shoots the white thunderwolf squad and causes a wound. Light green wytches shoot their pistols at the yellow thunderwolf squad causing 5 wounds and manage to kill the wolf lord's pet fen wolf. The remaining 4 wounds go onto the wolf lord and he fails one and then also fails to Look Out Sir! leaving him on 2 wounds. Light blue wytches run 4 inches forwards. The dark green incubi run 1 inch as they admire the scenery.
The light blue incubi attempt to chage the pink wolves again and once again, fail. The light green wytches charge the wolf lord and yellow thunderwolves, the light blue beasts charge the white thunderwolves and canis squad. The incubi also try to assault canis but fail. The light green beasts charge the red thunderwolves and get in on 3. All overwatched grenades fail.
The wytches cause no wounds and take 4 in return then fail leadership but get away. The blue beasts cause one wound and kill off the wounded thunderwolf. All 5 khymera die in return but the beasts stay in with leadership 4. The bright green beasts manage to kill 2 thunderwolves with a venom blade and rending and lose the single remaining khymera in return but the last thunderwolf stays in on a roll of 4.

Despite a lot of guys starting to die, Deldar are still winning 4 - 0!

Wolves + Deldar Turn 3:

Wolves turn 3:
Light green wolves shuffle forward slightly. Yellow thunderwolves slide through the gap between the incubi and the beasts who are in combat. The pink fen wolves retreat further into the table corner.
2 grenades fly into the light green incubi from the wolf lord and the yellow thunderwolves but do nothing. The wolf lord and yellow thunderwolves then successfully assault the incubi. The light green wolves on the right back up the lone red thunderwolf in combat with the beasts.
The light green klaivex makes an imperious gesture and therefore has preferred enemy against the wolf lord thanks to murderous assault and issues a challenge which is accepted. Hammer of Wrath promptly makes him go poof and joins the growing cloud of red mist that now covers alot of the battlefield. The other thunderwolves kill all but 4 incubi who fail leadership and consequently get run down. The light green beasts fluff all but one attack against the thunderwolf and fen wolves which then gets saved. The wolves then kill two razorwings and win combat. The remaing beasts fail leadership and get run down.

Deldar turn 3:
Deldar light blue wytches and light blue incubi run towards the objective. Light green wytches continue running another 5". Remaining beast squad rally. Drazhar joins dark green incubi squad. Some shooting happens but barely any wounds caused and all were saved. No assaults made.

Wolves Turn 4:

The remaining wolf squads leg it down to the Deldar deployment zone for as many linebreaker points as they can get. Pink fen wolves head down to cut the wytches off so the Deldar cant get any scoring units to their objective.

Deldar Turn 4:

The Incubi and yellow wytches take out the pink fen wolves and the blue wytches fall back slightly (not sure why - could have won me the game if i had played it better).

Wolves Turn 5:

Still more shuffling up into the far right corner just to make sure I can't get any lucky assaults or shots to kill anyone off.

Deldar Turn 5:

My top 3 squads leg it and try to make it up into the wolves deployment zone before the game ends. We roll for the end of the game and it carries on for another turn.

Wolves + Deldar Turn 6:

Wolves dont really have much they can do apart from bunker down and survive.
Deldar manage to get 2 sqads into his deployment area finally although not close enough to claim the objective. Bummer.

Game ends here at 6 all.
3 for objective
1 for first blood
2 for line breaker
All 6 points from linebreaker

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