Saturday, 9 March 2013

The Blackwing Part 5 - Captain Absolom

The Mountain, Brother-Captain Absolom was a Hellcarian guardsman whose military prowess and talent for violence made him the Inquisition's chief enforcer. Born with gigantism; once made a space marine and encased in custom power armour Absolom towers head and shoulders above a space marine. His loyalty to the Inquisition overturns any other directive given to him and more then once the Mountain has ignored orders from chapter leadership to further the goals of an inquisitor. Much to the frustration of his superiors inquisitorial influence is slowly worming its way through the Blackwing under Absolom, making the Dark Angels unsure as to the loyalty of their successors.

I managed to paint Absolom and my first tactical squad over the past week as well as several dwarves who I will be posting over the next few weeks. These photos I took using a different technique to usual and the lighting is far better though the images are somewhat blurry, still perfecting my photography though I am beginning to suspect that my camera may be the issue. 

The Blackwing troops are generally in dull armour with various shades of gray and green trim. As a special operations task force I decided they would need more camouflage than your average marine typically has, though the silver on these pictures for some reason has shown up far brighter than it actually is. My HQ choices however are exempt from this to some degree as they still need to stand out on the battlefield. 

As you can probably tell Absolom was converted from some spare terminator bits to achieve his monstrous height, interestingly the way he has been put together makes him taller than most terminators and his back-banner simply adds to the effect making him a terror to behold on the table top. 

Due to being incredibly busy over the next few weeks I will not be painting any Blackwing though I will be posting various Hobbit and Fallen Realms stuff. I also have a surprise mystery project that should be arriving in the mail any day now to look forward to...

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