Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Army Showcase - Part 11 - Chaos Mercenaries

This army has been years in the making. Not because it is a large army or that I have spent a long time painting it. Rather, I was given most of a Warriors of Chaos army about five years ago and have spent the last few years quibbling over how I was going to paint it, slowly adding other second-hand stuff to pad it out a bit as well. This year I finally settled on a colour scheme and spent the first half of this year working on them, finally finding the time to photograph them two weeks ago. I went a bit crazy with said photographs so this army will be spread over two posts: this one dealing with heroes and troops the second with monsters. 

Ruled by a mad Daemon Prince known only as The Radic - Prince of Tears, the Mirrored Palace is a huge floating citadel whose every surface reflects the world around it. The Radic travels across the world constantly trying to find the object of all his desires: an elven maid named Yrianna. Why he loves her he cannot fathom as they are memories long since clouded and twisted by the daemon Koreal, but none the less he leads his armies into battle hoping to one day find her and discover the truth of his past. Following him is an army of fanatics who bask in his daemonic glory and broken souls forever tied to him by blood oaths. 

Oberdon of the Red Star, a barbarian prophet who has foreseen great and terrible events taking place around The Radic. Leader of the Weeping Cult, he collects sorrows from across the world.

Foremost amongst the daemon prince's servants is the Sorcerer Lord Ezkiel: The Radic's chief advisor and host of the soul of the daemon Koreal, once a gatekeeper of Tzeetch's maze Koreal now possesses Ezkiel; manipulating The Radic to his own ends.

Standard of the Forgotten Champion

Arkenvaur, the Eye of Blood, is literally The Radic's eye upon a battlefield after having a daemonic one grafted onto the side of his face. Arkenvaur is a ruthless warrior, hoping that one day he will be freed from The Radic's service having long ago been tricked into serving the Prince of Tears by Koreal. 

The Order of the Eye

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