Sunday, 12 January 2014

Army Showcase - Part 12 - Chaos Mercenaries

In this second post of my Warriors of Chaos army we will look at the various monsters that I have converted for this army. So without further ado...


Koreal, the Ruination of Dynasties
The arch-daemon that possesses Ezkiel occasionally gains full control of his host's  body and takes to the skies atop a disk of Tzeentch which appears as an extension of himself. He is accompanied by the lesser daemon known as the Spell Thief who serves as guardian of his physical form. Koreal has long worked agains the elves of Ulthuan and wishes nothing more for their corruption. To this end he became the architect of the alliance which saw The Radic's mercenaries enter the employ of the Dark Elves of Dreadlord Doombringer's Blood Legion.

The Spell Thief

Chaos Giant

This is a spare daemon prince model I created to use in the event that one of my heroes ascends to daemonhood mid-game. He was made from a spare Lord of the Rings troll and some spare parts from my brother's Daemon Prince. 

The Radic, the Prince of Tears and one of the most extensive conversions I have ever undertaken. With his nemesis being the Dragon Prince Caerdith I decided to use a High Elf Dragon as the base, augmenting it with plenty of Tzeentchian tentacles and eyes. One incredibly colourful and disturbing paint job later I discovered I had made the model about three times the size of a regular daemon prince so will probably use him as a Lord on Chaos Dragon during regular games.

The Dark Lady, a product of the Mirror of a Thousand Desires stolen by The Radic from Slaaneshi cultists. He hoped to use the mirror to create a copy of his love but later came to revile the flawed doppleganger that was born. He cannot however seem to abandon the mirror and takes the artefact with him everywhere; lovingly murmuring to it whenever he thinks no one is watching.

My Warriors of Chaos have been an interesting creative project which I have rather enjoyed. However, they are of only secondary importance to some of my other armies. Over the past few years my miniature collection has expanded quite rapidly and I have come to the point where I don't use many of my armies at all. I am starting to lean towards the idea of selling some of my models, not giving up any army entirely but certainly reducing some of them in size. This I will outline in a future blog post when I have made some more decisions.  

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