Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Army Showcase - Part 10 - Sisters of Battle

My first 40k army was the Witch Hunters, incidentally starting at the same time The Euphemism began his Demon Hunters. Time moved on and whilst his army was resurrected as Grey Knights; I got a few pages in some White Dwarf Magazines. As my army previously contained some Inquisitorial units I have since had to take out, I cannot field this army as an independent force of its own. Now they are part time allies to my Imperial Guard and Dark Angels until a new codex is released for them.

I was drawn to the Witch Hunters because of their baroque and over the top grimdark aesthetics, this coupled with their fanatical devotion to the emperor and unique models made them an interesting faction all round. When starting I decided to make the army as eccentric and crazy as possible whilst sporting a holier than thou paint scheme. Apologies in advance for some of the blurry pics. 

Cardinal Rodrigo Alexander and his loyal preachers. One of the most powerful Cardinals in the College; Rodrigo is known as a manipulator and schemer always clawing his way to new positions of power. As patron of the Order of the White Dawn he enjoys the political aid of the Hellcarian Inquisitorial Conclave.

Cardinal Julius della Roverra and his Ecclesiarchal Battle Squad. The 'Warrior Cardinal' is known for his advanced age and belligerent nature; he will do anything to become the next Ecclesiarch. He has travelled to the Hellcaris system to face his main adversary in the upcoming election: Cardinal Rodrigo Alexander, whom Julius believes is corrupt, sinful and not worthy of serving the Emperor.

The Throne of Judgement, one of my favourite models in the range. Needless to say I was very annoyed when the Grey Knights suddenly had it and my Battle Sisters didn't. The introduction of Codex:Inquisition however seems set to fix that problem.

Saint Lucrezia the Pariah, the Blackwing Angel. My first model for this army she has undergone several repaints over the years the latest of which came with the addition of a pair of her eponymous wings.

Games Workshop has recently reinvigorated the Sisters of Battle with the digital only 'Adepta Sororitas' codex. Though nice that they have seen some love, it is disappointing that this is not a full codex release. Also I think that nearly £50 for a basic squad is ridiculous and I can only see those with more money than sense buying any of the old models for such an outrageous price. 

I shall continue to wait for a full codex release, hopefully within the next year or so. I have now finished all of my 40k projects and have no intention of picking up another until a new codex is released. I will add some units to my Imperial Guard when their next book comes out and I will watch this new Codex: Inquisition with interest but no major projects will come of either. For now I am going to work on getting my fantasy armies up to scratch; then I shall start considering a new army or a massive expansion of one of my current forces. 

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