Sunday, 17 November 2013

Dark Eldar - Apocalypse

To lead my Dark Eldar into the apocalypse I have added the current matriarch of the Depravum family to my army: Empress Lethis Depravum. She goes to battle with her own wytch cult; the Cult of Ecstatic Fear which I have recently bought the first unit of. I have also created a huge monstrosity to use as a Dark Eldar Super-heavy unit.

My Dark Eldar only reach just over 2000 points but I thought it would be fun to create a super-heavy for them to use in apocalypse games. All conversions for such I have seen so far are simply repurposed Eldar titans or really big raiders. I decided to go a different route and create what is essentially a large Cronos Parasite Engine. In the background the Haemonculi regenerate fallen dark eldar in their laboratories, I thought it would be interesting to have a mobile regeneration unit that uses the souls of those slain on the battlefield to restore a dark eldar lord and empower him. I therefore created this monstrosity.

The Necrofex Fear Engine glides over the battlefield feasting on the souls of the dead. Within the central array can be seen the spirit of Lord-Patriarch Venimthrax Depravum who is slowly regenerating as he absorbs the powers granted to him by the engine. I will be using the rules for the Necron Tesseract Vault for this until I have the opportunity to come up with some new ones myself.

Empress Lethis Depravum

The self styled ‘Empress’ of the Depravum criminal empire and de facto leader of the Kabal of Immortal Sin;  Lethis is a spider; sat in the center of a dark web that spans the whole galaxy, a born leader and manipulator she commands the loyalty of millions whether they know it or not. Whereas many of the rulers of the dark city scheme against each other and wage civil wars in the streets; Lethis prefers to run the seedy underworld of dark eldar society, the Depravum being the thorn in the side of many an archon. Despite a seemingly low impact upon everyday activities in the city Lethis has lofty dreams; planning one day to rule the entire galaxy as an ‘immortal empress’, feasting upon the souls of entire worlds when the fancy takes her.

Her empire shall begin in Commoragh, through a combination of charisma, battlefield prowess and bribery she has started to carve out significant portions of the city under direct Depravum control with many agents already infiltrating the next candidates for assimilation. Many of the lesser, and indeed some of the greater, archons fear her ambition and madness; for Lethis despite all her charm is known for her violent mood swings and capability for psychotic acts that unnerve the political elite of the dark city. She would see the universe bought under her dominion or burnt in the fires of her insanity. 

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