Monday, 20 May 2013

The Hobbit - Thror, The Last King Under the Mountain

Thror, mightiest of the dwarf kings, grandfather of Thorin Oakenshield and in my opinion one of the best models in GWs Middle-Earth range. Thror appears the very embodiment of the lonely mountain itself due to his flowing robes making his silhouette quite pyramidal and grey-white beard like a snow-capped peak. For one so obsessed with gold I painted him in as much of it as possible which should make him contrast nicely with what is likely to be a predominantly silver army.
King Thror

I am planning now to build a small army of the Lonely Mountain led by Thror. Next on my shopping list is his son Thrain and a unit or two of Grim Hammers for them to lead. Hopefully this will later be supplemented by the Warriors of Dale which I think are also quite striking miniatures. Much of the Hobbit range has been quite nice so far though some models (looking at you Lindir) seem to have missed the mark. I hope that when Azog is finally released he looks good enough to add to my collection. 

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