Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The Blackwing Part 7 - Devastators

I managed to get a battle against Chaos Space Marines the other week in which I killed droves of heretics but ultimately lost due to a seemingly indestructible Hellbrute that carved it's way through half my army in the latter part of the game. I had some very unlucky rolls and committed a few grave tactical errors; things went a bit pear-shaped around Turn 4 and despite killing most of the enemy I had failed to make up enough points to win. I have however learnt from my mistakes and plan on a rematch sometime in the next few months.

Squad Irenaeus

High Elves have been given several new toys to use against me in the eternal struggle to reclaim Ulthuan. No doubt The Euphemism can't decide what to get first and is most likely literally jumping with joy. Accursed High Elves will pay for their arrogance, it is time the true inheritors of Aenarion set sail from the frozen north to take back what is rightfully theirs...

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