Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Blackwing Part 9 - Dark Vengeance

Finally got hold of Dark Vengeance! I wasted no time in starting to get these painted up and ready to deliver the emperor's wrath. I decided that these tactical marines would lack the helmet modifications and robes of my earlier tactical marines as they are newly created space marines who are yet to earn their right to do so in battle. 

Squad Kant

These marines were very quick to paint having only a basic colour scheme; unfortunately some of the colours, particularly the eyes, look quite flat on these pictures because of how I was lighting the models. Despite a slightly different style of model the paint scheme remains similar making sure they fit in with the rest of the army.

Dark Vengeance was a fantastic set and provided me with a good selection of units to use at the core of my army. The mini-rulebook is always welcome and my brother benefited from the Chaos Space Marine half of the set, whose models I must admit are gorgeous. I managed to get a Limited Edition set that was only partially assembled so got the extra chaplain as well; I converted him into a Cardinal for my Sisters of Battle who I hope to be posting on the blog once I have finished posting the current set of Blackwing photos I have taken.

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