Thursday, 14 February 2013

Themey McTheme Theme!

Greeting and salutations fellow tabletop gamers!

It has been a while since my last post (regrettably Uni has kept me pretty busy with exams and coursework) but I shall post when I have the time or when I have enough news/ideas to actually fill a post!

Along with the Euphemism you have probably noticed that I have been doing some themed lists too (See the Wolfwing vs the Nasties battle rep) and the only one up to yet has been a Haemonculus Covern (aptly named 'The Nasties') which was created soley of the Haemonculi and their creations!


Urien - 190
Haemy - w/Liquifier, Agoniser
Haemy - w/Shattershard, Venom Blade
Haemy - w/Dark Gate, Venom Blade
10x Wracks w/2x Liquifiers - Acothyst w/Scissorhand - 145
10x Wracks w/2x Liquifiers - Acothyst w/Scissorhand - 145
10x Wracks w/2x Liquifiers - Acothyst w/Scissorhand - 145
10x Wracks w/2x Liquifiers - Acothyst w/Scissorhand - 145
5x Grotesques w/Liquifiers, 5xS6 - 210
5x Grotesques w/Liquifiers, 5xS6 - 210
5x Grotesques w/Liquifiers, 5xS6 - 210
Heavy Support:
Talos w/Stinger pod, Extra CCW, Chainflails - 130
Talos w/TL Heat Lace, Extra CCW, TL Liqifier - 130
Chronos w/ Probe, Vortex - 110

2000 points on the dot
.  <---- There’s the dot!

Well there you have it!
These lists are not at all meant to be competitive. They are just an excuse to have a bit of fun and play around with the codices.

In this one as you can see I included just about everything deformed and well nasty (hence this lists name) that I could from my codex

Urien - Can’t have a Haemy themed list without this guy! Also, he actually turned out rather well surprisingly! I expected him to fall in the first fight but he proved rather tough thanks to regeneration and a clone field! Although even with his special ability to make grotesques strength 6 for +5 points a model he's not really worth it as you can kit out an Archon just as well defensively and give him more killing potential for about the same points.

Haemys - A very good HQ choice in general. An extra pain token at the beginning of the game? Yes please! Hello Wytches with 4+ invun and 5+ FNP in close combat! They also have some pretty good equipment choices and at only 50 points starting price they can be pretty cheap and cheerful but they have to be as they do die rather quickly.

Wracks - Actually pretty good. These guys have 2 poisoned 4+ attacks standard and come with FNP automatically which makes them more durable than wytches at long range (both will have a 6+ armour save) as they don’t need to start with a Haemy for the FNP. Stick them in cover on an objective with 2 liquifier guns and dare the enemy to come and try and take it from you! Also at only 10 points each they are the same price as wytches and only 1 point more than your standard warrior. 

Grotesques - No. Just no. If you are making a serious list just don’t take these guys. Especially not in 6th ed where EVERYONE has ridiculous amounts of torrent fire. Yes these guys are T5 but with only a 6+ armour and a 5+ FNP for 35 points. They aren’t worth it. Yes they can be a scary unit as they are large monsters that can go on huge rampages but that just means they will draw more fire and never get to see combat which is what they are designed for. A webway portal gets around this but that’s ANOTHER 35 points you can’t use elsewhere. However they can be slightly useful if you just take them as cannon fodder so you can sneak your other units through but at 35 points a model, that’s very expensive cannon fodder. They have 3 wounds each but 3 wracks is 5 points less than 1 grotesque with the same survivability, same wounds and more attacks which are poisoned! So yeah, just ignore these guys. Unless you are making themed lists.

Talos/Chronos - Although these not so little guys are kinda fun to use, they sort of follow the grotesques as they are scary and will draw a lot of fire to prevent them getting into combat which is what they are designed for and with T7 they can do this rather well! They have a 3+ armour save too so if your opponent is packing a lot of AP4, 5, 6 or - torrent weapons then this chappy has a good chance of munching on some guys but with only 3 wounds it really wouldn’t take much to drop these guys with a few anti tank shots. Again you can get around this problem with a webway portal but that’s another 35 points just for 1 which might not even get deployed on top of the 50 points for a haemy to carry it (cheapest option) then some guys to protect him and a transport to get him there. The points disappear quickly. The chronos and talos aren’t all that cheap anyway being over the 80 and 100 points respectively without any upgrades. The main reason these monsties don’t get a look in though is due to the appeal of the Ravager. For 105 points standard you can have 3 dark lances. The talos and chronos just don’t bring anything like that to the table.

Anyway! That’s one list made and used! It was pretty fun to rip up some wolves with some good old fashioned brute force!
I'm thinking of doing another themed list soon to pit against the might of the Wolfwing and that is a footslogging (nearly) completely melee based Deldar army. Probably based around Incubi.
Despite this list idea being me just REALLY wanting to use Drazhar (he's just so cool!) it should be kind of interesting.

That’s me out!
Good luck and any future endeavours you may have and fare ye well!

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