Saturday, 16 February 2013

The Blackwing Part 4 - New Book

The other day I managed to get into town to pick up a few things, amongst them the new Dark Angels book. The book itself is very beautiful and the rules seem decent. I have so far only had a quick look through but I have taken the chance to start writing a new version of my previous army list.

The Blackwing - 1500pts WIP

Company Master - Power fist, Storm bolter   130
Librarian - Mastery Level 2   100

Tactical squad - 10 marines, Plasma pistol, Plasma gun, Plasma cannon   210
Tactical squad - 5 marines, Power weapon   100

Deathwing - 5 terminators, Chainfist, Assault cannon   245

Fast Attack
Assault Marines - 5 marines, 2 Plasma pistols, Power fist, Melta bombs   155
Ravenwing - 3 bikes, Plasma gun   105

Heavy Support
Devastator Squad - 5 marines, Power weapon, Heavy bolter, Multi-melta, Missile launcher, Plasma cannon   145
     -Razorback   55

All squads are upgraded with veteran sergeants. This list doesn't yet reach 1500 points as I have only reworked what was previously in my list and I think some of the addition may be off. I am thinking of adding a scout squad and replacing one of my HQ choices with an Interrogator Chaplain in terminator armour to represent my Chapter Master to up the points a bit; but am unsure as to what else to add. I would like to include some of the cool new stuff that has been bought out recently but I don't have the money to spend on them with the expansion to my Warriors of Chaos army I have planned.

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