Saturday, 26 January 2013

The Hobbit - Gandalf the Grey

The Hobbit, I loved the book and was horrified Peter Jackson would ruin it; but alas my fears were unfounded and after the long wait I sat down to enjoy a good movie. I really enjoyed the film and was delighted when I was given the 'Escape from Goblin Town' starter set for christmas. Many years ago I was drawn into the hobby by the Lord of the Rings and looked forward to reigniting my passion for the Strategy Battle Game. It really is a great game system I would recommend to anyone though I must admit it has been years since I have had chance to play.

Moving on the models in the set are very nice and surprisingly well detailed for plastic. They really do capture the spirit of The Hobbit and look great on the tabletop. The scenery is a nice addition that is unfortunately absent from the fantasy and 40k starter sets. The first model I opted to paint was Gandalf for little other reason than I had recently bought some grey paint.


I really enjoyed painting Gandalf as It gave me chance to try out some blending techniques and experiment with using the blue glaze to accentuate blue-greys. I spent quite a while trying to get the robes right but I am happy with the final result. The base is yet to be determined. Once again despite my best efforts the lighting has not been great on the photographs but I am working to rectify the problem. 

Painting Gandalf has put me in a particularly wizardy mood. I think I might just know who I will have to do next...

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