Saturday, 19 January 2013

Specialist Games are taking over my life!

So I have managed to survive all my work and have finally burst through into my free week singing and dancing!

Well, singing at least
With that big monkey off my back it's time to get back to posting some things. With my having a week of nothing to do (it really is feeling pretty good) I thought I'd get round to sorting some of my hobby stuff out. That was when it hit me.

All my stuff is specialist games now.

All of it.

My mind      
Now don't get me wrong this isn't a bad thing, but this is not anything I expected at any point. In my mind, somehow, all the specialist games were dead and gone. So where has all this come from? Well, I am currently playing:


Crossbows. The real way to fish.

For my Uni games, mostly I've been playing Mordheim. It's quite fast, many people can play quite easily and it's engaging. It's fun to see your characters improve and develop (like losing an eye in their first game Captain Bingham!). I've been looking forward to setting my Halflings on the petty challengers to the city. I'm also preparing a Pit Fighter warband in case the Halflings get too high on rating.

I'm also engaged in a campaign with Doombringer and some old friends as part of one of his clever schemes to have a back up in case any D&D sessions fall through because of absences. My elite Skaven band are getting pretty scary, so long as they keep surprising and passing fear checks (!). One of the guys has even manages to get 4 attacks that crit on 5-6 already. It's the developement of Mordheim that I love. I enjoy creating a story what can I say?

Other than forging a narrative.


Who else would do to represent Inquisitors?

So Marshy decided to run an inquisitor campaign. That's the beginning and reasoning behind it. He wanted to do it, so did Melons and I. Currently I have a 'radically-branded' puritan Inquisitor and his band of almost useful men. This is a great deal of fun. I've been a big fan of Inquisitors since reading Eisenhorn (one of the best trilogies written in my humble opinion) and the system really does let you enact the kind of heroic moments you want to do. Two of the many highlights being Melons' Inquisitor leaping off a roof with a massive hammer to smash someone's arm to paste and a sniper in a fellow Inquisitor's retinue fluffing his shots before taking massive groin damage from an automatic gun and passing out.


The Gospel according to Ork

Yes that's right. The old Ork-based mayhem of Gorkamorka has hit me. I'm currently beginning work on my little band of Trukk carried Orks to go 'krunk sum eds'. I'm really looking forward to this. This was suggested (and is being set up) by a guy up here at Uni and it looks like a really wacky game. Lots of random happenings, hapless Ork driving (/shooting) and some interesting character upgrades/injuries. Even Dok's look fun for if they are hired to repair an injured Ork there's the possibility they'll forget what they were supposed to do and fix the wrong thing instead. I'll update more on this when I've started. I gather there's a lot of love for this game so I'll see how it pans out.

So specialist games. Somehow not dead. Something of a resurrection in my mind. Yes they're not balanced. They can be exploited for power combos. Can. This hasn't happened to me in any of these games. The people I play with seem much more interested in the story aspect. This has made them incredibly enjoyable. Yes at times I miss the standard Warhammers. But not really. It's all adding flavour to the hobby experience. It's also done my converting a world of good.

Specialist Games are alive!! Seek them out and you will be rewarded.

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