Sunday, 15 April 2018

Finished Malifaux Project!

For my first Malifaux crew I chose Lady Justice and her Death Marshals, mostly because they are simply the coolest, most eye-grabbing set in the game in my opinion. Nothing better embodies the horror, the magic, and the western feel of the setting than a blind ninja lady leading ghost-rider cowboys who are literally dancing on coffins. They were an absolute blast to paint (if a little fiddly at times) but I like to think I managed the gritty, desperate, and violent image I have of the city of Malifaux itself, and particularly the grim world of the Death Marshals.

I think this is all I'm going to do with my Lady Justice crew for now, as I have a few different options to try out here and I'd like my next Malifaux purchase to be a different crew and master. I will definitely return to Lady J though and perhaps add even more units like Death Marshal Recruiters which synergise with my existing collection. More thoughts and pictures below:

The Scales, Lady Justice, The Brutal Effigy
I decided to put Lady Justice herself on a piece of fallen masonry to make her more impressive a leader as otherwise she has quite a low profile. I also painted her sword in the same colours as the magical flames on the other models of this crew to tie her in visually. It also makes it look like she has a lightsaber which I think is pretty cool!

Death Marshals
The Jury and The Judge

Once again I used an exceptionally fine pen for the writing rather than using a brush which saved on time and proved quite effective. I also noticed that I'm building quite the collection of miniatures that have 'book-slaves'. Here I have The Jury, for Warmachine I have the Book of Menoth, and in Age of Sigmar I converted a necromancer with a skeleton holding his tome.

The Brutal Emissary
The Brutal Emissary makes quite a nice centrepiece to my crew, while I'm sure I could have spent my soul stone allotment on something that adds some speed or shooting to the crew, I just love this miniature and had to include it!

Miss Anne Thrope
I was lucky enough to have a bonus figure included with the Jury which turned out to be Miss Anne Thrope and was quite a lovely surprise. As she can be run in a Guild crew I decided to base her the same as my Justice crew rather than giving her a display base like Titania.

The alternative sculpt of Titania was a lot of fun to paint as I've mentioned in a previous post. I don't particularly like many of the Neverborn faction miniatures so I doubt I'll build a crew around her, but she is a lovely display piece nonetheless.

For my next crew, I'm currently torn between picking up Kirai's boxed set for some variety and different style of play, or picking up another Guild master and doubling down on that faction. First though I plan on having some games against my brother's Seamus and Brewmaster crews in order to learn the game better.

As this is a project completed, I feel entitled to buy myself a box of Custodes in order to celebrate a job done! I think I'm going to just start with a box of basic Custodian Guard from which I hope to assemble a 3-man squad with Guardian Spears and use the other two bodies to begin converting a Vexilus Praetor and a Shield-Captain (who I will finish with pieces from other kits I'll get once other projects are done). Hopefully in the next few weeks I can get plenty more hobbying in to work towards the completion of more projects and perhaps get a game or two as well!

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