Sunday, 25 March 2018

WIP Eisenhorn and Cherubael

Though I was unsuccessful at getting hold of Eisenhorn on the day he was released, I did manage to get hold of one on eBay for less than GW's price which was nice! It really is a lovely miniature, and while I was thinking of finding a bald head for him (I had already found a walking cane) in order to convert this into an older rendition of the character, I liked the base sculpt so much I elected not to.

A more upright pose so his chest detail isn't obscured on the tabletop 
The miniature went together fairly well though there was quite a lot of flash to cut and scrape away. I think I managed to get all the mould lines but I wouldn't be surprised to find some during painting. There were two small bubbles on the resin (one on his collar and one on his book) but these were easily filled. The only thing I really dislike about the miniature is how far forward he is leaning. I decided to try straightening him up a bit which proved quite easy to do by simply repositioning his left foot. I didn't even need to cut his foot off, I just cut away some of the resin around his ankle, wiggled his foot a bit and added green stuff to fill the gaps I had made.

For Cherubael I have taken some flagellant and ghoul bits (along with a few pieces whose origins I'm actually uncertain of!) to create this unholy abomination as I don't like the old daemonhost models. I've still got some mould lines to clean up and some green-stuffing to do, but I'm rather happy with how this is shaping up so far. I did look up the 54mm miniature of Cherubael that was done for the old Inquisitor game for reference, but quickly realised that I would be unable to create an approximation to that with the pieces I had available. Instead I decided to just make what I thought looked like a cool daemonhost and await an official 28mm Cherubael should one ever be made.

Alongside the Malus Darkblade series, the Eisenhorn trilogy was one of my first proper forays into Warhammer fiction so his exploits have a special place in my hobby-heart. I'm therefore really looking forward to getting some paint on Eisenhorn and fielding him alongside some of my other Imperial armies. I also can't wait to getting round to picking up the new book 'The Magos' at some point, though I hope that Dan Abnett hurries up and writes the rest of the Bequin Trilogy soon!!

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