Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Game of Thrones - The Mad Queen

Season 6 Finale SPOILERS Ahead!

Continue at your own risk!

I really enjoyed Season 6 of Game of Thrones. While I had a few issues with one or two storylines and some of the pacing; I did find it a big improvement over season 5 (which I really didn't like i.e. Dorne) and there were lots of scenes and surprises I really enjoyed. The last two episodes in particular were excellent and it is a real shame that their director, Miguel Sapochnik, has been nabbed by Netflix and won't be directing any episodes in season 7.

While Battle of the Bastards was a true spectacle perhaps one of the best visual representations of the grim realities of medieval warfare I have ever seen, the final episode: The Winds of Winter was a plot and character driven rollercoaster I really enjoyed. The first fifteen minutes or so in Kings Landing for me was the standout part of the season.

The piece of music which accompanied Cersi's revenge on House Tyrell and the Faith, quite fittingly called 'The Light of the Seven', was brilliant if a little different to the usual score given the use of a piano and an organ. The entire segment very much felt like the ending of one of the Godfather films where we see Michael orchestrate revenge on all those who have slighted him at once.

The climax of course was the burning of the Sept of Baelor where wildfire caches that have remained hidden since the days of the Mad King are lit by Qyburn's little birds. I have already seen one or two spectacular pieces of art based around this scene and I felt inspired to do one myself which I have titled: 'The Mad Queen'.

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  1. Game of throne is really famous season in all type of generation and liked by every age group because of their work


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