Saturday, 22 August 2015

An army of the End Times: The House of Shattered Tears Part 2

Part 1: The House of Shattered Tears

I have now added the Island of Blood set to this army to help  pad it out a bit more and bring it up to around 2000 points. I have also managed to cobble together a few more units out of spare pieces which you can probably see lurking in the background of a few of the pictures.

Prince Astalaton
Prince Astalaton is pretty much straight out of the box barring a head swap and an axe replacing his lance. A sombre and stern man who, like his forebears, has been deeply effected by the curse of his house and the strange magics of the Tower of Infinite Woe. He is renown across Caledor as a man of uncompromising principles, his honour bound code of conduct earning him the title of Lord-Justicier of the Doomspire Fleet and a place on Doombringer's High Council upon his alliance with the Dreadlord.

Due to the unsettling magics that surround the Tower of Infinite Woe and the curse of its lords, no dragons have every been pledged to the service of the House of Shattered Tears. Instead tradition has seen the princes of the tower ride upon the backs of Griffons which adorn their banners.

Morvarel the Seeker
Rather than have another regular wizard in this army I decided to convert the Island of Blood mage into a Loremaster of Hoeth. This was simple enough, I simply removed the head and arms, didn't attach the regular chest piece and added new bits before covering any gaps with greenstuff. I also positioned him at an angle on his base rather than face-on to emphasise his pointing arm. Morvarel the Seeker is an old friend of Prince Astalaton who has long studied the Tower of Infinite Woe, devoted to knowledge above all else he gladly became Dazmir's apprentice and has begun to embrace darker arts.

Lady Arianne the Seer
Lady Arianne is Prince Astalaton's sister and is the current Seer of the House of Shattered Tears. Gifted with powers of foresight and tormented with dire visions of the End Times she is a sombre soul, cursed by blood and righteous in wrath. She is accompanied at all times by her handmaidens who are drawn from the families of lesser noble houses sworn to the Tower of Infinite Woe. To serve the Seer in such a capacity is considered a great honour but a deadly one for the madness such proximity may entail. When a girl leaves to become handmaiden to a seer her family will throw a great celebration before performing a ritual funeral after she has gone.

Lady Arianne with her Handmaidens
I have always loved the Spellsinger model and this was the perfect excuse to buy one. The handmaidens are some of the old Handmaidens of the Everqueen that I picked up years and years ago and have never actually finished painting. At various times I have considered using them in several different armies but I have never fully committed to a particular role or colour scheme for them until now.

I thought I would just take a moment to speak about Instant-mould, which without I would not have been able to get very far on this project at all. I have used it for the face masks of Dazmir's bodyguard as well as for some shields, sea dragon cloaks and a few other little bits and bobs. It is fairly cheap, you can pick a packet up off of Amazon for about £12, and is reusable. You can use it to make very simple push-moulds that can be quite useful for replicating a part for use across an army. For example I can see this being used to create large amounts of custom shoulder pads for space marines and I already have a few ideas of using it to replicate some armour parts for my Dark Angels. I would recommend it for any hobbyist looking to try some modelling to add some extra unique touches to their army.

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