Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Inquisitor Mortimer Rex - Ordo Xenos Radical

"We can learn much from the Xenos if only we open ourselves to them"

Once a proud servant of the Imperium, Inquisitor Mortimer Rex has fallen into sadism and debauchery from his dealings with the Dark Eldar. Desiring knowledge and power above all else he has aligned himself with the Scions of the Skin-Lord to learn from their Haemonculi the secrets of life and death. In exchange he has betrayed the Imperium by revealing the location of military outposts across the sector allowing the Dark Eldar to evade Imperial patrols and strike undefended worlds. The Ordo Xenos has declared this renegade inquisitor Excommunicae Tratoris but none have yet found him as he travels from world to world performing vile experiments for his xenos masters.

Only a short post today to show you this Inquisitor I kit-bashed together recently to use alongside my Dark Eldar. This guy was quite fun to put together and paint as a distraction from my other projects. I still have a few more posts of my repainted Dark Eldar so stay tuned.

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