Saturday, 21 March 2015

The Hobbit - Basing my collection

One thing I decided to do over Christmas was to actually base my Hobbit collection rather than simply leaving their bases black. Using some instant mould and a lot of greenstuff I made suitable bases for all of the models from the 'Escape from Goblin Town' set which I think turned out quite well. I also took some time to base the other misc. Hobbit models I have picked up over the past few years. 

Here are several pictures of the completed 'Escape from Goblin Town' set. Despite making the bases being quite a lengthy, repetitive and laborious process I am really happy with the results. Using some instant mould I created a mould of a section of goblin town wooden planking. I then used a tonne of greenstuff to cover every base before pressing them into the mould. To do this each model had to be removed from their base and stuck back on which took forever but I think the results speak for themselves. I certainly think I will repeat such a process in future should an army lean itself nicely to such an endeavour. 

I also painted Goblin Town itself over Christmas which I had been putting off for a while as I don't particularly enjoy painting terrain.

I realised that I hadn't actually put the Goblin Scribe on the blog previously so here he is in all his miniature creepiness. I had in fact paint him long before I did the rest of Goblin Town so I spent a while trying to replicate the colour scheme I had used on him before I did the rest of the platforms and the bases. 

Agog the Defiler got a fairly boring base, as this model represents him hunting the dwarves in the first film I gave him a generic grassy base to represent him on the fields of Eriador. The model representing the version of Bolg that was relegated to Keeper of the Dungeons in the final film for a few seconds is based with some flagstones and a skull to represent Dol Guldur. 

Radagast the Brown already had a sculpted base so I simply added some grass to it around the edges. Thror received a mix of grass and gravel to represent the battlefield outside the gates of Moria during which he wore this armour.

Realistically I think these are all the Hobbit models I am going to get as whilst there are many I like I simply cannot justify spending that much money on them. It is a real shame that GW have made the Hobbit miniatures so expensive and provided so little support for the system, I realise it is nowhere near as big a phenomenon as LOTR was but it is a shame to see the entire system so underreported and overpriced. I think the only exception to my spending habits would be if they release a set of all the Ringwraiths as they appeared in the third film to go alongside my metal Fellowship Nazgul models. 

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my forays into Middle-Earth, to see a complete list of links of all the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings miniatures I have painted click on the 'Middle-Earth' tab at the top of the page and come back soon to see some of my new projects.

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