Friday, 26 April 2013

The Blackwing Part 6 - Squad Paley, The Watchmakers

One of my five-man tactical squads for use in smaller games. These were made from some old space marine models I found at the bottom of my bitzbox with helmets remodelled slightly and robes added. Squad Paley is a unit of Dark Angel space marines assigned to be amongst the founding members of the Blackwing, loyal to the Inner Circle above all else they are reliable soldiers assigned to carry out covert missions unknown to their Inquisitorial overlords. 

Been painting a lot of my Lord of the Rings stuff lately as well as the never ending story of my Warriors of Chaos. I am making slow progress on my marauders and knights as well as several heroes that I will post as soon as I have finished them.

I have been hearing some disturbing rumours about High Elves lately. Needless to say my Dark Elves are not happy and The Euphemism is going to have a field day...

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